Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Vision of Heaven

In the midst of our deep hurt, April and I have found ourselves longing for heaven more and more, envisioning a time of reunion with Elyse, and just being in a place where there will be no more hurting, and perfection will be completed. The following is an excerpt of an email a close friend sent this week that painted a picture I had yet to see, but seems so appropriate:

I wanted to share with you an image I saw in my head during the service that I pray will bring you comfort and hope for your own journeys from here. Cliff, you mentioned of your prayers for Elyse at the time of her birth, and the mental leap to the time of her marriage. It was vivid, I'm sure, how you pictured that moment of future completion as you watched her walk down an aisle to meet and join her bridegroom. As you spoke, MY mind flashed an image of a joy I fully believe she will experience—only with tables turned—as she one day gets to watch and lead each of you down an aisle of beaming family and friends in heaven (that cloud of witnesses from Hebrews) to a Bridegroom of perfect love, perfect peace, perfect fullness. In the image of her final perfection, I believe Elyse will have the joy of handing you both over to Someone she's known for some time to be yours for eternity. It may not be just as you pictured, but it is a picture I believe will one day happen.

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MattBach said...

What a true and edifying picture for you and April and all of us. May the joy of that moment always fill a corner of your heart, hour by hour, in those sleepless nights, times alone, time with others - everything. With much love...

Matt and Becky