Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Elyse's Birthday - Saturday

We're in Southern California for several days to celebrate Elyse's 1st birthday. Tomorrow (Thursday) we'll be at Disneyland all day. We're excited to get away and spend a day at the "happiest place on earth," although we all know that in reality, Elyse is actually at the happiest place in all creation.

Saturday, for Elyse's birthday, we're starting a tradition. At 1:06pm, the time that Elyse was born a year ago, we'll be releasing balloons in her honor. April, Peter and I will be in San Diego and will have a picnic lunch, a time together to honor her, and then we'll release our balloons. We're inviting anyone who wants to join us, wherever they are, to do the same in honor of Elyse.

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