Carey Adoption Project

The rumor is true. We are in the process of adopting a child from Africa.

In September 2010, both of us began so sense a yearning toward adoption, but we never really talked about it. During a two week period of October, while I was in Papua New Guinea, God started to heavily lay it on each of our hearts, but completely unbeknown to the other. When I returned from PNG, April blurted out the words, "I want to adopt." I responded with, "Me too... I was just waiting for God to change your heart." In short order, we jumped on the process, and are now almost finished with our Home Study.  We're still at least a year out, but are excited to see how God's taking us through this process.

Be checking back over the next several months as we update the progress, start the impossible process of paying for it all, and just sit back and watch God work. We can't wait to see what He's going to do!

Of course we invite you to pray for us, for Peter and Titus, and for the entire process. If you'd like to be involved financially, we've even set up an easy way to donate online. Just click the link below and you're on your way.

For the latest updates, be sure to check out our Facebook Page at


Shane Varner said...

I love this idea, Carey family. Andrea and I want to adopt one day as well, I pray the Lord's blessings into your venture. I trust the Lord will provide for your every need, and abundantly more! Blessings Carey Family!

Shane Varner

Shane Varner said...
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