Thursday, November 8, 2007

No Longer Grounded

Well, I did it. After being grounded for over 5 months, yesterday I went up with an instructor and became legal to fly again. My last experience with an instructor back in June was a disaster, but this time around it was phenomenal. (Different instructor) We headed out west of Fresno, did a bunch of maneuvers (steep turns, slow flight, stalls, simulated engine failure, simulated instrument, etc.) and then came back and did several landings. It was really cool how easily it came back after having been away for so long. So now my goal is to get up there once a month and not let things lapse again like they did this time around. Of course, having Peter come along was the perfect excuse for the lapse and was completely worth it; so no regrets! The only other thing I need now is a little more cash to help this cause along. Anyone want to go flying?


not your mom said...

sign me up...I am jealous, haven't been up for weeks...congrats.

Eric Wakeling said...

Hey Cliff, it was good to see you at YS. I have a blog too.

Matt Doan said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog about relevance. So true.

I am pumped you are flying again.
If I win the lottery, I will be your financial sponsor.