Monday, November 30, 2009

Date Night Thursday

A few months ago, we heard rumors that Andrea Bocelli was coming to Fresno. Like a faithful husband, I hit the web right on the dot at 10:00am the day the tickets opened up online. Unfortunately, because they changed the venue in Fresno, nope... no tickets available for the Careys. So now what?

Well, we have some frequent flyer miles on American Airlines. What about seeing him somewhere else? So where? For this tour, he's doing 6 shows in North America. New York, Fort Lauderdale, Toronto, Vegas, Fresno and Anaheim. Fresno's sold out. Anaheim only has seats behind the stage. Fort Lauderdale is during mileage blackout dates. Vegas is well... just not our thing. New York City? Toronto?

Neither of us has ever been to Toronto, so this coming Thursday morning, we fly out at 5:30am, get into Toronto at 6:00pm, hit the concert at 8:00. Spend the night. See the city Friday morning. Catch our flight out at 3:30pm. Get into Fresno at 10:30pm.

Crazy??? For sure... but worth it.

More info when we get back!

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The Ousdahls said...

Sounds fun. Next time pick New York and get four tickets...

Miss you bud.