Tuesday, June 24, 2008

San Diego Life

So here we are a week and a half in to San Diego living, and it's been way cool. We can stand on our porch most evenings and watch the sun set over the ocean. We go for walks around campus and get to see God working in the lives of young people. If we need something from the store, we just drive there and get it. Very strange for people used to living in the mountains an hour and a half from reality. I've actually averaged trips to Costco every other day.

It's been great though and it's hard to believe it's almost half over. What an amazing opportunity for the three of us to be a part of this ministry and to live in this amazing place. God is so good.

House in the future???

So lately we've been watching the housing market quite a bit, and have been wondering if it's maybe the time to get in. This house in particular we've watched drop about $25,000 so far in price. It's a disaster on the inside and needs a bunch of work, but it very well could be the right price and size we're looking for. And with my mad remodeling skills... well let's just say that it could end up being quite the project. But it's in a great neighborhood and is close to the family. We'll just have to see...