Saturday, August 16, 2008

April's Birthday & Some Flying

April turned 30 last week and we celebrated all week long. A surprise party at Hume, a party in Fresno for friends and family, and finally a weekend away for both of us. I rented a plane and flew her to Napa on Saturday. Upon our arrival at the airport a we taxied into the parking area, we noticed a car being driven right up to us. The driver got out, greeted us, and put our bags in what was our rental car for the weekend. We left the airport to take in all that Napa had to offer, from great restaurants to drives out among the vineyards, to simply some quality time together as a couple. We even went to see the Dark Knight, and oh was that ever dark. After hitting some more local spots on Sunday, we flew out and headed over the San Francisco Bay at 2,500' above the water. We headed out over Marin County, then flew east across the bay, past Alcatraz, over Oakland, and then on home. It was a perfect weekend... quality time with my babe, and over 4 hours of flying time.