Thursday, May 8, 2008

Youth Pastors Conference & Summer Band

So last week was Youth Pastors Conference at Hume, and it was amazing on several fronts. I got to hang with 50 quality people in youth ministry, a lot of whom I call personal friends. Probably the highlight for me had to be taking about 25 of them up to the top of Sunshine Mountain to one of my favorite prayer spots. I loved sharing this place of rich history with them. Not only is this I place where the Lord has met me so many times, but also the spot where Herman Pettit used to pray over Hume on a regular basis; prayers that I believe are still being answered today. I was seriously reminded of my need to head back to this spot often and expect the Lord to move. But the conviction really isn't about the spot as much as a deep, person need to remain dependent on God and not me.

Another highlight of the YP Conference was the privilege of having the Ponderosa Band Exodus up for the conference. I picked the guys up at the airport on Monday and drove them up the hill, stopping at all the regular tourist spots along the way. (In-n-Out Burger, General Grant Tree, Lookout Rock, etc.) They were truly overwhelmed at the wonder of God's Creation. (I see it every day and take it for granted.) I can only say that these are amazing guys with amazing hearts. They are a perfect match for Hume and I know they'll have a great ministry this summer.

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Unknown said...

Cliff!!! Thanks for your note! I miss you man! I'm stoked for this summer and looking forward to yet another awesome week at Hume.
PS...I'm a subscriber to your lil corner of the web!
See you soon!