Friday, July 5, 2019

Day 1 - Sacramento to Beijing (via Shanghai)

Thank you Greg Thwing for the ride. 
Wednesday, July 3... the beginning of the final journey to get Emilia. 

Upon arriving at the Sacramento airport we learned that our flight would be delayed up to a half hour. We figured we could handle that since we would still have an hour to make our connection in San Francisco. Well... that was not to be.  The Sacramento flight ended up being delayed so long that we missed our flight to Beijing, but United came through and rerouted us through Shanghai. 
Waiting in Shanghai

Shanghai was another adventure as we had a pretty tight connection transferring from an international flight to domestic.  This time it was Air China that came through in the bind, and allowed us to check in for a flight that they had already closed.  We were able to get through security quickly, gate check our bag, and then... wait... because of course this flight was delayed.  The delay gave us some time to regroup and then we were off to Beijing.  

We've finally made it to Beijing.
Our guide Helen met us at the airport, and off we went to our hotel to finally get to bed sometime around 12:30am local time.  All said, it was about a 27 hour travel day.  Exhausted and excited, off to bed we went.

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