Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Pray

Many have asked how they can be praying for us through this time. Most often the answer is that we have no clue and just invite the Spirit to lead you in prayer for us. But here are a few specific areas that we think would be helpful:

  • Please pray for Peter. He is not the boy that he was 3 weeks ago. We know he's gone through a tough time and is not able to form the words to express his feelings. He also had 2 straight weeks with hardly any structure, probably not the best food fed to him, and erratic bed times. We need wisdom on how to help him through this.
  • Please pray for our times away from home. We've kind of figured out how to function at home, but it gets quite hard when we're out and about as a family. We go places where we used to go with her, and we feel the emptiness of her not being with us. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill this void.
  • Please pray for our friends and family that held us up through everything. We are watching several of our friends experience some pretty significant challenges and trials right now. God has used them to carry us so strongly through this, and we pray for them to be carried in the same way.
  • Please pray for Hume. This has rocked this entire community, and we are asking the Lord to bind us together as a unified family.
  • Please allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in your prayers. I know for some of you this seems like hocus pocus, but I know in my heart, and from scripture, that the Spirit leads us when we don't know what to pray, and does so in accordance with God's will.
Thank you all for your prayers. I hear from people daily that tell us of specific areas where they're praying, and we're able to turn around and let them know that it was exactly something that we needed for that day or moment. God is truly working in and through this. Please don't miss an opportunity to be a part of what He's doing.


JohnnaB said...

Thank you Cliff for asking for prayer. We are praying for you daily, and often shed a few tears. We love you guys, and will keep praying for you all.

Shannon said...

I think of you and April several times each day and pray at those times. Thanks for the specific areas of need...I will continue to pray for you all.

Michelle Krueger said...

Cliff and April- I remember that shortly after my mom died, the Lord gave me this verse.
Psalm 62:1- "My soul finds rest in God alone."
May you continue to find rest in Him.